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A Digital Future for Tourism and Hospitality

One of the most significant trends in our ever-changing environment is digitalization. Technological advances and digital innovations are growth-promoting forces that have an influence across the board, particularly in the industrial, ICT, and other service sectors. However, the hotel and tourist industries have played the game of traditional agencies for the past decades. Some people still like the outdated procedure for requesting information, which only gives it to clients who physically visit the office. The extraordinarily lethargic and time-consuming service does not guarantee that you will leave with a reservation for a ticket or hotel room.

As the digital world developed, consumer behaviour started to change, which had a significant influence on the hotel and travel sectors. People anticipate a customer-focused experience, from choosing their destination with a few clicks to getting comprehensive information on the accommodations, including information on customer service, activities that are offered, and room attributes, among other things.

The concept of "digital tourism" describes how we utilize technology to plan, handle, and even enjoy our travels. Digitization is a must, not only to increase the number of people moving and travelling but also to improve the experience itself and leave a lasting impact on all tourists. New and creative solutions are constantly being introduced into the digital tourist sectors due to the fast development of the digital world. In the technology world of tourism, peer-to-peer communication is incredibly crucial.

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