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Our Affordable PPC Packages for Your Business

We design PPC landing pages that are low-cost and adapted to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises. These services are meant to assist you in attracting a large number of visitors to your website.

Are you looking to purchase PPC packages in India? EM Ranking offers affordable Google Ads Pricing Packages for small to large businesses in India. We can help you get the most out of your Google advertising budget. Our PPC Management Packages enable businesses to rank at the top of search results, and we are one of India's most respected Google advertising providers.

We provide three different PPC packages in India that are specifically designed to help our clients achieve their Google AdWords marketing goals.

Why Should You Invest In PPC Packages?

Budget Control

To open a Google Ads account or run a campaign, you don't need to meet any minimum investment requirements. You have complete financial control when you initially start advertising on Google because you may alter your ad expenditure based on your PPC budget.


You can either scale up or reduce your Google Ads Marketing campaign based on the outcomes. Ads can be scaled, cost inflows can be managed, and the results of your most successful ad campaigns can be improved.


You can thoroughly assess the success of your Google ads campaign using analytic tools. You may also keep track of how many people clicked on your Google advertising and who clicked on them.


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PPC PackagesBasicBronzeSilver
Minimum Duration3 months3 months3 months
Suggested number of Keywords50100200
Ad BudgetUpto
USD 10000
Per Month
USD 10001
- 50000 Per Month
USD 50000
& Above Per Month
Monthly Fee20% of Monthly Spending15% of Monthly Spending12% of Monthly Spending


Initial Estimate Report
Landing Page Recommendation
Unlimited Keywords
Text Ads
Conversion Tracking
A/B Testing
Google Analytics Set-up
Campaign Management
Mobile Ads
Gmail Ads (GSP)
Landing Page Optimization
ROI Tracking
Google Analytics Report (Monthly)
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking

What Is Included In Our PPC Packages?

What Do Our PPC Packages Include?

Dedicated Account Manager:

We have a dedicated team of account managers who will collaborate with you to create a campaign that is tailored to your specific needs. They'll help you target the correct audience and choose the right keywords so that the people who need to see your ad see it.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion monitoring is required by any firm that wants to track the effectiveness of their PPC advertising. Our conversion tracking tool will inform you of the number of sales or leads generated by your campaign.

Campaign Management

We manage your campaign from start to finish. We tailor goals and programs to each client's individual needs and aspirations. We build advertising that is sure to stand out and get results. We also keep track of everything so you can see how effective your efforts are at any time.

Keyword Research

The success of a campaign is determined by the keywords used, their accuracy, and their quality. We keep this in mind and undertake extensive keyword research to ensure that your company's adverts reach a big number of people.

Mobile Ads

You're probably aware that mobile devices make for a large amount of online traffic, but are you doing anything to capitalize on this trend? With our mobile-friendly PPC services, we can help you grow your target audience and increase conversion rates.

Why Our PPC Packages Are Affordable?

Our Google Ads Marketing Pricing categorization assists us in achieving the PPC results that our clients expect.

Three PPC packages are available in our Google Ads price packages in India. Our PPC Packages enable our clients to achieve their Google Ads marketing goals while maintaining complete control over their ad spending. Continue reading to find out how our PPC packages will assist you in developing a more cost-effective PPC marketing strategy.